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Post by baltaros on Tue Dec 08, 2015 10:08 am

O2 white= Legendary food ,Destroyer of Denial ,birth of the immortals ,tribute of the cataclysm,tunic of frozen hells ,hauberk of the ghost, battleplate of fallen, judgement tunic of dread, feline's ring, glimmering breast plate, vest of sky nets,
Blue bag= kitten shield

Bes white= Legendary food, Ring of the Pyramid, Tome of Holy protection,
Geb white= Legendary food, Ring of the Nile,
Nut White= Legendary food, Ring of the Sphinx

Dr Terrible White= Staff of Spire, War-Forged Staff, Pride's Staff, Robe of the Mad Scientist, Conducting Wand, Scepter of Fulmination,

Septavius the Ghost God white= doom trap, Doomed Ring, Bow of the Morning Star, Doom Silk Armour,

Archdemon Malphas white= medium food, Quiver of a Thousand Lost Souls, demon armour of amon, Bow of Demonic Possession, Demon Blade, (Ring?)

Limon the Sprite God white= cloak of the planewalker, dragonfly-cutter, Earthfire wand, staff of extreme prejudice, Slash of heaven, buckler of dust clouds,

Gigacorn white= Rich food, candy-coated armor,
cyan= fairy plate, seal of the enchanted forest, Pixie-Enchanted sword, Ring of pure wiches,

Stage1 white= canna skull, frost cloak,
Stage2 white=?
Stage3 white=?
Final stage white= Captain america's ring, Diamond forged ring, Plague poison, Lime forged ring, Resurrected warrior's armor,

Davy Jones white= spirit dagger, ghostly prism, captain's ring, spectral cloth armor,

Manor white= Tome of Purification,

Snake pit white= wand of the bulwark,

Limoz the Veridian Dragon white= rich food,
Feargus the Obsidian Dragon white= rich food,
Pyyr the Crimson Dragon white= rich food,
Nikao the azure dragon white= rich food, abyssimal glowing hatchet, Midnight star

Puppet white= rich food, Prism of dancing sword, cudgel of secrecy, Ghastly drape,

crawling depths white= rich food, gold-coated armor, Doku No Ken,
cyan= Santa hat, masked face, Red Blood dagger,

Jon Bilgewater the Pirate King white= rich food, Pirate King's Cutlass,
Cyan= Robe of the Ice Dragon, Robe of the Grand Magican, Blood silk armor,

Thessal the Mermaid Goddess white= , Coral venom trap, Coral Bow, Amazonia quiver, Crown of fish killing,
Cyan= Coral ring, coral silk armor,


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Wiki most items. Empty Re: Wiki most items.

Post by  on Sat Dec 12, 2015 3:57 pm

thank you, now i know all of the loot i wont ever get.
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